The myth has finally been dispelled, water makers are no longer considered a ‘luxury item, but as a ‘prerequisite and must have’ piece of equipment, not just for blue water or long distance cruising, but for coastal/weekend boating - in fact a water maker will seriously enhance your enjoyment of boating.

Fresh water is a precious resource, and an expensive commodity particularly in warmer climates, making a water maker an essential piece of equipment.

Aquafresh Watermakers Ltd are renowned for their quality of construction, efficiency and reliability, having been at the forefront of water maker design and production for two decades - their reputation is second to none. 


To further underline the Aquafresh reputation, Aquafresh won the top Yachting World award for watermakers in their ‘Great Atlantic Gear Test’ survey (published June 2000) of some 170 skippers who took part in the 1999 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers(ARC). The survey revealed that most equipment had been ‘road tested’ for at least 5,000 miles by their owners, which makes the results a true test of product reliability and usefulness for the ‘bluewater cruiser’.

Aquafresh are now owned by Atlantis Marine Power Ltd (AMP), who after evaluating the product range, their production, and market requirements instigated a serious research and development programme, which now sees Aquafresh Watermakers as unsurpassed, where reliability, quality and service are paramount issues when deciding to fit a watermaker.

With the launch of our new "AFD" series watermakers with touchscreen LCD controls, digital temperature compensated salinity monitoring and PLC logic controllers we bring a whole new level of sophistication, reliability and dependability, further strengthening our already enviable reputation.

Too many modern watermakers use special membranes (rarely any better performance than standard ones but much more expensive), specialised pre-filters and a whole host of hi-tech parts with only one source, the manufacturer. All of the components used on our watermakers are selected for practicality, corrosion resistance, worlwide availability and ease of replacement anywhere in the world. Quite simply your Aquafresh Watermaker has been designed and engineered with robust reliability in mind, continually supplying high quality freshwater year after year wherever you may find yourself.

Aquafresh units are designed and built to be mounted horizontally, with the main control panel being sited for easy access and operation, the pumps and filters can then be fitted remotely, aiding installation.

The basis of operation is simply that the high pressure pump passes the water, under pressure of up to 1000psi, to the membranes which only allow potable water to pass through - impurities, bacteria, viruses, salt and other elements are automatically rejected overboard. The water is then electronically tested for impurities allowing the water to pass to the water tank or, if the required purity level has not been achieved it is ejected overboard.

AFD Series Features:

  • High Quality High-Pressure Pump & Direct Drive Motor
  • High Quality Low Pressure Boost Pump included.
  • LCD Graphical Touchscreen Control
  • LCD Digital Salinity Monitor
  • Reliable PLC Control Unit
  • Auto Divert Valve for Product Water
  • Low Pressure Safety Shut-Off
  • High Pressure Safety Relief
  • Fresh Water Flush System
  • 30 & 5 Micron Pre-Filter System
  • Precision Product Flow Gauge
  • Low and High Pressure Gauges
  • Product Water Sample Port
  • Tank Full Indication and Stop (optional tank switch required)
  • Supplied with Custom Length HP Hoses (if required)
  • Easy Servicing and Parts Availability
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Robust Design

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Model Metric Size kW Litres per Hour Input Amps Weight Ph Price Further Detail PDF
  ? ? ? ? ?    
AFD600AC 64 x 34 x 25 1.5 HP Pump 90 10.6 62 1   Details PDF for AFD600AC
AFD800AC 64 x 40 x 25 2.2 HP Pump 126 12 70 1   Details PDF for AFD800AC
AFD1000AC 115 x 34 x 25 2.2 HP Pump 157 12 80.5 1   Details PDF for AFD1000AC
AFD1200AC 115 x 34 x 25 2.2 HP Pump 218 12 80.5 1   Details PDF for AFD1200AC