New Aquafresh Range02/03/2012 16:51:35
Atlantis Marine is pleased to announce the arrival of the AFD range of watermakers.

The award winning range of desalination units from Aquafresh Watermakers are known worldwide for their quality, reliability and efficiency.  Atlantis Marine is pleased to announce the introduction of a new “Digital” range of water makers.  The AFD range as they are known, comprises of four new models producing between 90 and 189 litres per hour.  The sophisticated new models retain the core Aquafresh qualities and add digital control and monitoring as well as a simple to use touch screen "user" interface and compatibility with our NMEA2000 based EmpirBus system.

Our new watermakers have been specifically designed not to require costly specialised membranes or expensive difficult to source components, thus ensuring we continue to offer well designed, robust, reliable and cost effective solutions for potable water.

Retail prices plus data sheets may be found here and for more details and trade enquiries please contact us via or on 01752 208810


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