Wireless Switches Added to NXT30/10/2012 14:52:06
Simplifies Installations

EmpirBus NXT Receiver Option for Wireless Switching.

An optional ENOcean receiver module fitted within a EmpirBus module adds wireless capability to the NXT System and is proving a popular option with yacht builders.

By using wireless switching technology it is possible to place switches exactly where they are required with no concerns over either suitable cable runs or concealing the cables, furthermore the switches use the ENOcean “Energy Harvesting” system so there are no batteries either making the system fast to fit and zero maintenance.

The receiver is a 16 channel device and is mounted in an EmpirBus DCM a small antenna picks up signals from either fixed switches or a key fob. Typically the operating range is 30m within a vessel or 300m in free space.  Multiple receivers may be fitted if greater than 16 channels are required on larger vessels.

If used for lighting the switches support the full range of EmpirBus NXT benefits including Dimming, Soft Start and Soft Stop.

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