New 5kW, 7kW and 9kW Generators06/02/2013 17:23:20

New 5kW, 7kW and 9kW Kohler generators available now from Atlantis.......

A trio of new compact single phase generators released by Kohler Power are now available. These are all stock items from Atlantis and a three phase 9kW can be ordered as required  Designed and manufactured entirely in-house by Kohler Power they are brilliantly engineered for both performance and longevity and manufactured to world class standards enhancing Koehler’s superb worldwide reputation for quality.

Technically advanced, all the generators feature sophisticated controllers to ensure industry leading performance, regulation and control. The three cylinder (four cylinder on the 9kW making it particularly smooth and quiet) have been designed specifically for generator use and meet all current standards.

Single side servicing and competitively priced spares ensure the cost of ownership is minimised.

All generators come complete with Sound Shield, Circuit Breaker, Remote Start Panel with 15ft loom, Anti Siphon Break and Pre-heat and are 12V as standard.

Ideal for new builds and perfect for retrofits and backed up by worldwide world class support by the Kohler network of dealers and distributors.

In stock and competitively priced, call for a quote today.

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