Kohler News27/11/2013 17:47:02
Kohler has introduced two new ranges


Kohler has introduced two new ranges of diesel generators to meet variable load needs

Marine generator specialist Kohler Power Systems has introduced updated emissions-compliant diesel generators from 33kW-80kW for 50Hz and 40kW-99kW for 60Hz.

The new models, which are smaller and quieter than previous units, include a newly designed Kohler Decision-Maker
3500 (DEC 3500) controller equipped with paralleling software and load-management software. This allows for automatic paralleling of two generators without the cost and extra footprint of switchgear.

While load requirements have increased due to advanced electronics equipment, onboard space is still at a
premium. The new paralleling controller matches power capacity with load requirement to eliminate under-loading and over-fuelling, while conserving space, decreasing fuel costs and reducing equipment maintenance.

Kohler Power Systems is a US manufacturer of diesel and gasoline marine generators from 4kW-500kW for a
range of pleasure and commercial craft applications.  Atlantis stock a large range of generators in
Plymouth available for immediate delivery along with extensive spares inventory.

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