Tier3-Compliant Marine Diesel Generators14/11/2014 17:15:42
KOHLER® Adds Tier 3-Compliant Marine Diesel Generators
Upgraded features include paralleling capability to meet variable load needs

Kohler Power Systems, have just added two new models to its expanded offering of EPA Tier 3-compliant diesel marine generators – ranging from 125 to 150 kW for 60 Hz, and 100 to 125 kW for 50 Hz.

The new models are specially designed for commercial and mega yacht marine applications. Both models feature a high-pressure common rail fuel system offering optimum performance and fuel efficiency. They include a newly designed KOHLER Decision-Maker 3500 (DEC 3500) controller equipped with paralleling software, saving both the space and cost of traditional paralleling switchgear that is no longer required.

The KOHLER DEC 3500 offers a newly designed customer interface for easier data entry and retrieval. Advanced features include bus sensing, first on logic and synchronization. The controller operates in one of three paralleling modes: P-gen (Kohler-patented), droop, or V-bias/S-bias.

The new generators feature:
• Kohler’s newly designed Fast Response X (FRX) alternators with superior permanent magnet excitation
• Isolated ground DC electrical system (standard)
• Smaller footprint compared to previous Tier 2 KOHLER models

In addition to existing heat exchanger and keel-cooling options, Kohler released inline radiator models as part of the company’s commitment to offer fully integrated solution for the workboat market.

Kohler Power Systems is a global manufacturer of diesel and gasoline marine generators for a wide range of pleasure and commercial craft applications. Kohler Marine’s authorized service network includes more than 800 dealers and distributors around the world, and trained technicians are available 24 hours a day. Go to to learn more.

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