Load Sharing Increases Redundancy14/07/2016 12:16:12

Load Sharing Increases Redundancy – From Boating Business July 2016

Traditionally generators were sized for the maximum power required. Now, load sharing is seen by many as the way forward allowing smaller generators to be used.

In turn this saves weight, increases redundancy and reliability, says Peter Middleton, AMP MD.

”We‘ve just completed an electrical assessment on a boat that is currently running a 280kW generator,” he said.

We can run with 200kW Kohler unit which is a massive saving in engine size, a cost saving in terms of size, weight saving and also a saving on service costs.”

And he explained how load sharing transfers power from one generator to the other balancing the loads to bring the generators up to their service intervals at the same time.

”We are currently using load sharing with the Sunseeker 95 model,” explained Mr Middleton.

"Two 33kW generators were used each with a 4.5 litre engine. We're now using three 20kW generators with a 2.5 litre engine.”


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