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Kohler and Leonardo DRS Announce Team to Provide Expertise in Hybrid-Electric On-board Power Solutions for Commercial Customers



Kohler and Leonardo DRS Announce Team to Provide Expertise in Hybrid-Electric On-board Power Solutions for Commercial Customers


ARLINGTON, VA., APRIL XX, 2019 - Leading shipboard power experts Kohler and Leonardo DRS, announced today that they are teaming to appraise market readiness for advanced, highly-efficient hybrid-electric on-board power solutions.  The combined effort will be called Total On-board Power Solutions (TOPS.)
Under TOPS, the two companies will combine their complementary maritime power portfolios and vast market experience to identify and evaluate a wide variety of maritime hybrid electric engine technologies with smaller and more power-dense configurations. The technologies will be designed for a range of applications and topologies to service both commercial vessels and Mega- yachts.
“TOPS creates a wide selection of power generation, power conditioning, power management and controls to handle a wide array of on-board power needs,” said Jos Raats, Kohler’s Managing Director of Global Marine Power Systems. “As commercial ship developers rapidly incorporate hybrid electric drive systems into their propulsion systems, there is a need for globally-experienced technology developers and integrators, like Kohler and Leonardo DRS, to answer the needs of reducing emissions and engine operating costs,” said Clive Wilgress-Pipe, Director of Business Development and Strategic Programs for Leonardo DRS.
The TOPS team will work with ship developers to identify individual power needs for each project and propose a conceptual design to the specified requirements using readily available products from their combined portfolio.  Propulsion designs can include AC and DC variable speed systems; propulsion power demands and emergency generators; and diesel-electric hybrid and zero-emission propulsion modes.
About Kohler Power Systems
Kohler Power Systems, a division of Kohler Co., provides complete power systems, including generators (residential, industrial, mobile, portable, and marine), automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications. Kohler Power Systems has delivered energy solutions for markets worldwide since 1920. For more information, visit Kohler Marine generators are produced in the United States and distributed globally. Kohler Marine sales as well as aftermarket sales and service activities are globally organized. Kohler’s USA, EMEA, Singapore, India, China, Australia and Brazil offices all have dedicated Marine personnel supporting a network of regional, authorized Kohler distributors.
About Leonardo DRS
Celebrating 50 years of innovation excellence, Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defence contractors worldwide. Its Naval Power Systems business unit is a trusted provider of innovative naval gas and hybrid power systems, control technology and support solutions for the U.S. Navy and navies around the world. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Leonardo DRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo S.p.A. See the full range of capabilities at and on Twitter @LeonardoDRSnews.
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