1. Newmar Modular Marine Charger

  2. The Phase Three Modular (PTM) Concept

    Super yachts and commercial vessels have complex electrical systems that support equipment essential to safe operation. These boats are frequently in transit or in remote locations where repair/service is not readily available. Down-time can be very costly and severely impact sailing schedules.

    Recognizing that all equipment has a finite service life and random component failure can occur at any time, system reliability can be improved by reducing the number of single points of failure, thus diminishing the impact of a solitary fault on the overall system. The PTM series applies this “fault-tolerant” concept to battery chargers, by using multiple independent charger modules within the unit.

    • Redundant, independent, charger modules increase reliability
      malfunction of one does not disable the charging system;
      remaining modules continue to operate.

    • Module change-out takes only minutes, while the system
      continues to operate
    • Technical personnel not required
    • No need to remove the charger case from the boat or
      disconnect any wiring
    • No inconvenience of power interruption to the boat

    • Three stage “smart” charging; bulk, absorption, float
    • Battery type selector switch; gel-cell, lead-acid, AGM
    Temperature compensated output option
    • Numerous diagnostic and system status indicators
    • 12 Volt; 33-100 amps or 24 Volt; 22-67 amps
    • “Universal” input of 90-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz.–can be used
      anywhere in the world
    • Powder coated stainless steel case

    General System Specifications
    Input Voltage/Frequency: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase; derate linearly
    from 100% output @ 105 VAC to 80% output @ 90 VAC
    Power Factor: .96-.99
    Efficiency: 85% typical
    Nominal Charge/Float Voltages: Refer to chart on page 5
    Temperature Compensation (Option): - 5 mV per cell per °C (typical)
    Temperature Rating: 0-60° C; derate linearly from 100% output @ 50° C to 80% output @ 60° C
    Recommended Battery Type/Capacity: Gel-Cell, Flooded or Sealed Lead-Acid;
    12 Volt Systems: 6 Cell, 80-400 A-H (per installed module); 240-1200 A-H (per system)
    24 Volt Systems: 12 Cell, 40-200 A-H (per installed module); 120-600 A-H (per system)
    Output Battery Banks: 3
    Module Bays: 3*
    Status Indicators: Output OK, No Output, Check System, Battery Too Hot, Total
    Output Bar Graph, Output Voltage Test Points, Contacts for Optional Remote Alarm
    Case Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
    Case Size: Refer to diagram at right
    Weight: Empty: 16 lbs/7.3 kg. - With three modules installed: 34 lbs/15.5 kg.
    * Note: Charge modules are shipped in the same carton as the PTM case and are then
    placed in position by the installer.

    Individual Module Specifications
    Models: PTM -12-33 (12 volt); PTM-24-22 (24 volt)
    Input Voltage/Frequency: 90-264 VAC; 47-63 Hz; derate linearly from 100%
    output @ 105 VAC to 80% output @ 90 VAC
    Input Current: 3 amps @ 230VAC; 6 amps @ 115 VAC
    Power Factor: .96-.99
    Efficiency: 85% typical
    Protection Features: Input Fuse, Output Fuse, Current Limiting, Over Voltage
    Protection, Cooling Fan, Automatic Thermal Shutdown/Recovery
    CE Mark, UL Recognized; E183223, Leve
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  4. PTMS-24-67
  5. 9999
  6. ProductAttributes
    1. 67
    2. 53.1 x 27.7 x 22.4 (L x W x H in cm.)
    3. 15.5 (in Kgs)
    4. Input Voltage 50-60Hz 90-264 VAC
    5. 3 (Number of outputs)
    6. 120 - 600 Ah (Battery Capacity)
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