1. QT-100-W LED Underwater Light (White)

  2. The QT-100 LED underwater light features exchangeable inserts, this allows servicing and upgrades without the hassle of hauling your boat.

    With 10,000 lumens of light output and it’s 90° degree beam angle the QT-100 LED is recommended for boats up to 90 feet, installing each fixture 3 - 9 feet apart for the best illumination.

    Easily upgradeable from existing lighting fixtures, the QT-100 is designed with an industry standard 72mm - 2 7/8” hole cutout.

    The housing design has been in production for 25yrs with zero failures. Built with anodized aluminium and armor coated. (Front housing is also available in AB2 and titanium for metal hull installation, delrin sleeves are not approved for installation on larger vessels.)

    Powered by 11 -24vDC

    6.4Amps @ 11v

    2.9Amps @ 24v

    LED Life Expectancy 40,000 Hours

    ABS Type Approved.


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  4. QT-100-W
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    1. 6.4A @11vDC
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