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Advanced Control Systems

Finely engineered for all applications

ZF Marine’s propulsion control systems are at the leading edge of electronics technology. The products incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance. A wide range of systems means optimum equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of vessel or application – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station.

If you are looking for an all new electronic control system for your electronic engines then Cruise Command is the option for you, or if you are looking to upgrade your mechanical engines or replace an ageing ZF or Mathers 580 or 585 system then the 9110 processor is the simple retrofit or upgrade.





ZF Mathers 
System Description Price Further Detail PDF
MC2000-1 Black Control Head   Details  
MC2000-2 Chrome Control Head   Details  
MC2000-4 Black Control Head Chrome Levers   Details  
463-4 Black Control Head Chrome levers   Details  
460-4 T-lever control head   Details  
456-3 Low profile control head   Details  
760 Heavy Duty Control Head   Details  
Handheld Remote Handheld Remote   Details  
785CE Cruise Command Processor   Details  
9110 9000 Series MicroCommander Processor   Details